This is a collection of the questions Pat and his staff get asked the most. For information on Grieving or Funerals see the Grieving and Funerals pages. If you can’t find your answer here, contact Pat and his staff at Vulcan Funeral Home

Q. Our loved one has died. Where do we start?

Notify the funeral home. Death of a loved one often takes people by surprise. Death also triggers a number of different processes. These include: grieving process, care of your loved one, memorial for your loved one, and the legal procedures. Pat and his team at Vulcan Funeral Home are professional and experienced people who can support you. No matter what has happened, they can be your trusted agents, managing your loved one with care and dignity.

Q. What decisions do we need to make?

There are a number of decisions to make such as:

  • What happens to my loved one?
  • How do we want to remember them? (What kind of service do we want?)
  • How do we want to mark their passing? (What kind of memorial do we want?)

Pat and his associates will assist you in making the decisions and helping you remember your love one appropriately. See the Funerals page for more information.

Q. Will we be able to see our loved one?

People expect to see their loved one. This is a normal part of the grieving process. Vulcan Funeral Home makes every effort to prepare your loved one so they can be viewed.

Q. How do we get a plot?

Start by consulting with Pat and his team at Vulcan Funeral Home. There are many options including: location (what community), what religion, what church, what cemetery. They will assist you in making an appropriate selection.

Q. What kind of plots are available?

There are many types of plots, and niches (for cremated remains) available, including single, double and family. Pat and his associates prefer to discuss this with you on an individual basis.

Q. Who looks after the plot?

That depends on the cemetery, who owns and operates it. Pat and his team will discuss that with you when you select a plot.

Q. Can we get a monument from you?

Yes. Vulcan Funeral Home can help you select an appropriate monument from a wide range of options. Talk to Pat or his associates for details.

Q. Where can we get flowers?

Pat and his team would be more than happy to take your flower order and credit card information and we will submit your order through our local Flower Shop at the first opportunity, so they will arrive on time. Click here to contact Vulcan Funeral Home.

Q. Where can we send flowers?

Flowers are sometimes sent to: the home, the Funeral Home, the church (or location of the service) or the graveside. When the family knows where they would prefer flowers to be sent, Vulcan Funeral Home provides that information on the >We Remember page. Flowers can also be sent in care of Vulcan Funeral Home.

Q. Where can we hold the service?

Before you decide where to hold the service, you should have an idea of what is appropriate for your loved one; Will the service be public or private? Is it for immediate family, extended family, family and friends or open to the public? How many people might attend? Talk to Pat and his associates. They can advise you on what is appropriate and available to you.

Q. Who can run the reception after the service?

You need to know who the reception is for. Is it for immediate family, extended family, family and friends or open to the public? Pat and his associates can advise you on what is appropriate and available to you.

Q. How do I say good-bye?

Saying goodbye is a personal act. There are many ways to acknowledge and close a relationship. Pat and his team at Vulcan Funeral Home have found it can be helpful to write a letter, or draw a picture for the loved one. These items can be placed in the casket, making the burial personal for you, and part of the closure process. For more information please read the page on Grieving