Death is part of life. It happens to all of us – if we expect it or not.

quote3 Following the death of a 94 year old family matriarch, several family members commented:

“We didn’t see that coming!”

Death often comes as a surprise

The result of this ‘surprise’ is usually shock. Family and friends are often surprised and unready to cope with the departure of their loved one. During the funeral process there are many activities that impact the grieving and can trigger an emotional reaction. The family has to notify extended family and friends of the death. This is followed by a rush of communications and then the gathering of family and friends for the funeral. Once your loved one is interred, the rush of people and communications ebbs. People can grieve once or several times throughout the process. This is normal and should be expected.

People react to death in different ways

Following the initial shock, people generally show one or more of the following:

  • ‘Lockup’ or ‘freeze’ and are unable to do anything,
  • ‘Retreat or hide away’,
  • ‘Over work’ through their emotions, and / or
  • ‘Talk it out’ with anyone and everyone.

Pat and his team can recommend an appropriate way to work through grief. Many people find comfort in the ceremony and traditions of the funeral process. For some people the best way to deal with grief is to talk to their spiritual advisor, or church leader. For other people, a wake for your loved one by friends or family is appropriate. Pat and his team can assist in many ways from recommending grief counselors, to offering appropriate options.

Personal Ways of Closure

There are many ways to mark the end of life. Vulcan Funeral Home will assist you in having the ceremony that you feel is fitting and creating the Final Resting Place where you loved one is remembered.